Why Should I Use Your Services?

First, nearly 100 per cent of the clients I have worked with in the past three years have been admitted to their top choice MBA program. My clients come from Mitsui & Co. (三井物産), Marubeni (丸紅株式会社)、Dentsu (株式会社電通), Kowa Pharmaceuticals (興和株式会社), Japan Post Holdings (日本郵政株式会社),  and many other top Japanese companies. They have been accepted to MBA programs at top business schools around the world, including London Business School (Full-time MBA, Sloan Fellowship, MFin), University of Cambridge (Judge)University of Oxford (Said), IESE Business School (Barcelona), IE Business School (Madrid), UCLA, Cornell University (Johnson), National University of Singapore Business School (NUS), HEC Paris, China Europe International Business School (CEIBS), Columbia University (CBS), University of Manchester (MBS), University of Michigan (Ross), Lancaster University Business School, Durham University Business School, Leeds University Business School, and Robert Gordon University (RGU). 


Aside from being accepted into top MBA programs around the world, my clients have also been awarded substantial scholarships (¥700,000 and more!) from leading academic institutions. The rewards of my help far exceed the costs! I only take on a limited number of clients at one time to ensure that I am able to dedicate as much time as possible to helping you achieve your goals. 


Second, my service is less expensive than other professional services, but I guarantee that my quality and level of service is just as high, if not higher. I know that MBA preparation and applications can cost you a lot of money, and many MBA consultants and services charge an obscene amount of money for their services. My primary aim is to help you succeed, not to make money. I firmly believe that high-quality education should not cost an arm and a leg. I truly care about the people I help, which is reflected in my clients' success rate.  


Finally, I have been through what you are going through! I have suffered through admissions procedures and succeeded as a postgraduate student at one of the best universities in the world (I graduated with distinction from the University of Cambridge), and want to help you do the same. It is tremendously satisfying to me to help others attain their goals. 

Can I talk to you first?

Certainly! Send me a message via the contact me form and we can arrange for a free meeting via Skype/Facetime. Also, be sure to check out the sample essays and transcripts section where you can see some examples of my students' writing and my editing.

At what time will our lessons be?

I can be flexible and fit a time that works best for you. We can discuss lesson times over Skype prior to your payment to make sure that we find a time that best suits you.

Do I have to use Stripe?

No! If you prefer, you can complete payment using a bank transfer. I have an account at SMBC and Ryukyu Ginko, so if you prefer to use a bank transfer, please tell me and I will send you my information. 

Can you speak Japanese?

I can speak a little Japanese. 日本語検定3級を受けました。If you're interested, here is a video of me speaking Japanese in a Japanese speech contest in Tokyo (July, 2014). I got third place! However, during our sessions, I generally speak English most of the time. 

What's your hobby?

I absolutely love traveling. I've only been to 18 countries so far, but hope to visit a lot more in the future! When I am at home in Okinawa, I spend a lot of time reading and cooking. I also love taking walks with my 10-year-old French Bulldog, Hugo.