MBA Interview/IELTS Speaking

MBA Mock Interview/Counselling                                      MBA模擬面接/相談(SkypeまたはFacetime経由)





In the mock interview, we will go through both standard MBA interview questions and questions specifically related to the program where you have applied. Then, you will receive counselling on how to improve your answers and make a better impression during your real interview.


After the interview, you will receive a detailed email with a review of what we talked about during the mock interview, along with suggestions for improvement. For an additional fee (¥8,000 per session), you will be provided with a complete interview transcript, with corrections and detailed advice on how to improve your answers.





One session (50 minutes plus next-day feedback): ¥12,000

Two sessions (2 x 50 minutes plus next-day feedback): ¥22,000

Three sessions (3 x 50 minutes plus next-day feedback): ¥30,000

Four sessions and beyond: ¥8,000 each


*If you would prefer only to conduct the mock interview and receive verbal feedback (no written feedback), the cost is ¥8,000 per 50-minute session.


IELTS Speaking Test Practice (via Skype or Facetime)       IELTS Speaking Test練習(SkypeまたはFacetime経由)

IELTS Speaking Test練習では、実際に過去、最近のIELTSにて使用された質問の練習を中心に行い、本番さながらのIELTS面接をSkypeまたはFacetime上で行います。



1回のレッスンでは1回のIELTS Speaking試験を行い、口頭でのFeedbackとどのように回答を修正するればよいかを指導致します。レッスン後には、レッスンにて行った指導の内容の復習、また実際の面接と同様の基準での採点を行います。また、追加サービス(4000/レッスン)にて模擬面接レッスンにおいて行われた受け答えをすべて文字に起こし、英語の添削とどのように修正すれば効果的かアドバイス致します。


During an IELTS Speaking Test practice session, we will use real speaking questions from old and current IELTS speaking examinations and conduct a realistic IELTS interview over Skype or Facetime.


One session includes one complete IELTS speaking examination, plus spoken feedback about how to improve your answers. After the session is complete, you will receive a detailed email message that reviews the speaking interview with advice on how to improve your answers, and the score you would have received had this been your real interview. For an additional fee (¥4000 per session), you will be provided with a complete interview transcript, with error correction and detailed feedback.





One session (45 minutes): ¥6,000

Two sessions (2 x 45 minutes): ¥11,000

Three sessions (3 x 45 minutes): ¥16,000